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High-Fidelity Classic Chinese Songs Concert

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High-Fidelity Classic Chinese Songs Concert

Performer: Jia Fei Jia Er, Tong Li, Lan Lan, Zhao Peng

Time: 2011-3-26, 20:00


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The Program

(The concert lasts approximately 120 minutes including 20 minutes’ intermission)

Singer: Jiafei Jiaer

Best Songs Dedicated to You    The opening song by the big band

Why Are The Flowers So Red     Folk song of Tajikistan, arranged by Lei Zhenbang

Farewell My Comrade            Music and lyrics by Lei Zhenbang

Yesterday                      Music by Paul McCartney, lyrics by John Lennon

Singer: Lan Lan

Crazy in Love                 Music and lyrics by Chen Sheng

Tuberose                      Music by Li Jinguang, lyrics by Huang Qingjun

Days Forgotten by Love        Music and lyrics by Chen Hongming

Singer: Zhao Peng

Grandma's Penghu Bay          Music and lyrics by Ye Jiaxiu

Gada Meilin                   Folk song of Mongolia

Bukui Street                  Music and lyrics by Zhao Peng

Singer: Tong Li

Wishing We Last Forever       Music by Liang Hongzhi, lyrics by Su Shi

Chrysanthemum Flower Bed      Music by Jay Chou, lyrics by Vincent Fang

When Will You Come Back to Me?    Music by Xin Yi, lyrics by Mei Yi


Singer: Lan Lan

Evening Bell in Nanping        Music by Wang Fuling, lyrics by Fang Da

Leave The Sadness to Myself    Music and lyrics by Chen Sheng

Look Back Once Again           Music by Lu Guanting, lyrics by Chen Lerong

Singer: Jiafei Jiaer

Riverside of Love              Music by Chen Baiqiang, lyrics by Zheng Guojiang

Unforgettable                  Music and lyrics by Tong Ange

Singer: Zhao Peng

Troika Folk Song of Russia

The Moon Represents My Heart     Music by Lu Tang Ni, lyrics by Sun Yi

Nothing to My Name               Music and lyrics by Cui Jian

The Sadness                      Music and lyrics by Zhao Peng

Singer: Tong Li

Just Like Your Tenderness        Music and lyrics by Liang Hongzhi

Farewell                         Music: anonym, lyrics by Li Shutong

Moonlight Serenade               Music and lyrics by Zhou Lanping

Singers: Zhao Peng, Tong Li, Jiafei Jiaer, Lan Lan

A Grateful Heart                 Music by Chen Zhiyuan, lyrics by Chen Lerong